Retail Bakery
& Donut Shops

Whatever your retail operation, we have the products to make your job easier! Founded in 1941 as a bakery mix manufacturer, Bake’n Joy has grown from its donut mix roots to offer a full selection of quality frozen batters and innovative predeposited ready-to-bake batters. We continue to expand on our dry mix offerings – ranging from donut mixes to muffin, bread, pancake, cake and Danish mixes – developing a huge selection for customers wishing to bake from scratch.

Our fruit and crème fillings and our top-quality toppings and coatings are the perfect complement to our perfectly blended mixes and bases. For the baker with a desire for convenience items, we offer a full range of bakery products that are ready for the oven!

Coffee and donut shops can add frozen, ready-to-bake muffins, Danish and cupcakes to create a larger showcase of breakfast and snack items. Our 100% Whole Grain muffins and cookies are the perfect addition for shops with a health-conscious clientele. Whether you’re looking for a frozen ready-to-bake product or a dry mix, we have the solution for you.