Bake'n Joy Originals Predeposited Muffins

We’ve been in the wholesale muffin business for nearly 80 years – developing premium dry mixes to help the busy baker in our early days; we were the first to bring “thaw, scoop and bake” frozen batters to the market; and we’ve perfected the ultimate convenience of high-quality ready-to-bake predeposited muffin batters (and came out with the only muffin batter requiring NO MUFFIN PANS, called PanFree!)

Bake’n Joy procures premium ingredients as close to our Massachusetts based manufacturing facility as possible. We use whole fruit inclusions such as wild blueberries from Maine and cranberries from Massachusetts. We source farm fresh eggs from neighboring New Hampshire and you will not find a muffin with more fruit, nuts, spice and flavor than a Bake’n Joy muffin!

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BNJO Apple Cider Muffins

Item Code: 8163225

Weight: 25.3 lbs.

Per Case: 75/5.4 oz.