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Healthcare Operators: Get the best for less!

Premium quality Bake’n Joy products can be purchased at a cost savings through your contracted supplier.

Save on labor and waste with PanFree® products in bakeable liners; no special pans required. PanFree Muffins Sheet.


Foodservice Representative
New England Donna Johnson
Mid Atlantic Jude Castiglione
South East Jo Anne Benken
Midwest Matt Gelling
Central Matt Gelling
Mountain Bob Murphy
Southwest Jo Anne Benken
West Bob Murphy
Pacific Northwest Bob Murphy

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Patient Dining

With a full range of bakery items, we have the products needed for patient dining in convenient, easy-to-use frozen predeposited or scoop batters, dry mixes and fully-baked cakes and loaves.  Our PanFree® line of muffins and loaf cakes simply bake on baking sheets – no special pans required, saving labor cost, time and waste.