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To meet the specific needs of your residential dining, catering and retail operations, Bake’n Joy provides high-quality, value products to make your job easier. Whether your students, faculty and visitors are looking for whole grain options or truly decadent treats, Bake’n Joy makes it easy for you to meet these demands. Let us develop a program for you to reduce your labor costs while providing top-notch bakery items. We’ve developed 1 oz. preportioned cookie dough pieces specifically for you – check out our array of popular flavors in the product gallery.

I’ve used Bake’n Joy products for over 10 years and have always found them to be of the very highest quality.

Simon S. Pastry Chef/Bakeshop Manager,
University Foodservice

Residential Dining

In addition to our convenient ready-to-bake frozen products, we have a full roster of economical bakery mixes and bases for baked goods with homemade appeal. Mixes for muffins, cakes, pancakes, biscuits, cookies…you name it, we have it. We also have a full line of 100% Whole Grain products, like muffins in two sizes and delicious 1.5 oz. cookies. All our frozen products are Trans Fat free.


From delicious, buttery Trans Fat Free cookies to smaller-sized muffins and cupcakes, we have the convenient, ready-to-bake items perfect for any occasion. Our PanFree® 2.5 oz. muffins require no muffin pan for baking and the upscale paper liner is perfect for creating a certain image. Our PanFree® 3 oz. cupcake batters bake up to super moist cupcakes sure to impress. Or try our fully-baked 48 oz. Boston Coffee Cake ring cakes.

Let’s not forget our 18 oz. PanFree™ loaves that come in a large selection of delicious flavors – just bake and slice up for an appealing presentation. Our full line of mixes & bases provide all you need for muffins, brownies, cakes, loaves, biscuits and more.


Whatever your retail operation, we have the products to increase sales. From FreshBakes® predeposited muffins and loaves to ButterRich Trans Fat Free predeposited cookies, it couldn’t be easier to offer fresh baked items than with our ready-to-bake premium products. And nothing sells like fresh baked goodies.


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