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NEW Kitchen Cupboard™ Double Chocolate Gourmet Brownie Batter is a chocolate lover’s delight!

Rich, moist and fudgy dark-chocolate base and loads of semi-sweet chocolate morsels. Made with the same wholesome ingredients you’d find in your own kitchen cupboard.  Available in 9 lb. pails.

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New from Bake’n Joy — Kitchen Cupboard™, a full line of clean label products for natural baked goods with ingredients customers can pronounce.

From Mixes & Bases to frozen ready-to-bake muffin batters and doughs, we have the expertly formulated products for your fresh baked clean label items. Our Kitchen Cupboard™ products contain: NO bleached flour, NO artificial flavors, NO artificial colors, NO high-intensity sweeteners, NO high fructose corn syrup, NO artificial preservatives, NO aluminum phosphates, NO partially hydrogenated oils, NO modified starches and NO trans fats. Just wholesome, simple ingredients you would find in your own kitchen cupboards.

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You asked for them, we’ve delivered! Introducing NEW 1 oz. Preportioned Cookie Dough

We’ve grown our FreshBakes® Preportioned Cookie Dough line to include 1 oz. cookies in a convenient 240-count pack. Seeing the demand for smaller cookies and dessert items, we’ve formulated our cookies to be under 150 calories each. Varieties include: Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate Chip, M&M® Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal, Peanut Butter, Sugar, and 100% Whole Grain Cranberry Chocolate Granola.

  • Neatly deposited on paper (4 layers of 60), not lumped together
  • Convenient 240 count package
  • Freezer to oven to customers in minutes
  • Just pan and bake, no prep, waste, or cleanup and very few stales (operators control quantities for each flavor).

As with all our trans fat free cookie doughs, we use premium ingredients to ensure consistent high quality, great taste and dependable results. Our cookie doughs are formulated for home-made taste and appeal. The new 1 oz. size is ideal for a variety of operations.


Our “Mad Bakery Scientist” has come up with our version of the ever popular Croissant Donut!

Ah….fluffy, light and perfectly sweet treat that melts in your mouth. By using donut mix and preparing the dough as you would croissant dough (all that folding and butter!), you can make these light and airy treats. Top or fill as you wish to create your own signature items!

It’s time to starting thinking cornbread…

I’m thinking cornbread…Ah, the hot summer days heralding BBQs with sweet cornbread, the crisp fall days enjoying the bounty of the harvest with tasty cornbread, and all year-round pairing scrumptious cornbread with dishes like chili, mac’n cheese, roast chicken, or even a TexMex salad. Do you see the pattern? Any time is the perfect time for cornbread, and we have the ideal solution for you no matter what your operation!

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