Sustainability at Bake’n Joy

Thinking “green” is not new for us. At Bake’n Joy, we’ve made upgrades in energy efficiency and sustainability to our plant throughout the years. Learn how we have worked to reduce our footprint through recycling and more.

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  • All cardboard, newspapers, magazines, computer and office papers are recycled.
  • The scrap plastic from our manufacturing process is collected and recycled.
  • We recycle all waste oil from our equipment.
  • We choose to use suppliers who use recycled and recyclable materials, wherever possible. (Being a food manufacturer we cannot use recycled materials in any packaging that touches our products unless it is guaranteed food grade.)
  • We recycle all computer scrap and ink cartridges.

Energy Efficiency

  • Energy efficient fluorescent lighting is used throughout our facility; with motion sensored light fixtures in all offices and throughout the warehouse/freezer areas.
  • Entire facility on EMS (Energy Management System) for heating/cooling with computer controlled nightly and weekend setbacks.
  • Heat generated from boilers and air compressors is diverted to warm other areas of the building.
  • Ammonia compressors are designed to allow for variability of demand and adjust accordingly to save energy.
  • Air curtains on all inlet doors to our blast freezer saves electricity as the freezer doesn’t have to work so hard to maintain temperature.
  • We purchase only high-efficiency motors when buying new or replacing old.
  • Utilize Power Correction Factor on our main electrical feed, which dampens start ups and saves energy.

Recyclable Materials and Our Products

  • All plastic pails used with our frozen batters, fillings and toppings are recyclable and reusable.
  • All plastic carrier trays used in our pre-deposited batter lines are recyclable.
  • We partner with other manufacturers providing recyclable packaging for our products (i.e., TrayBon).

Other Environmental Concerns

  • Use anhydrous ammonia in our largest cooling application because it does not impact the ozone.
  • Sterilize and filter all water used in the manufacturing process and the facility to remove bacteria and other contaminants to keep our equipment running efficiently and to reduce contaminants in wastewater.