BNJO Deluxe Chocolate Pudding Cake
BNJO Deluxe Chocolate Pudding Cake - Packaging ImageBag silo1 e1491249601650
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BNJO Deluxe Chocolate Pudding Cake

Created especially for easy flowing batter and excellent volume, this base is perfect for a variety of bakery items. Baked product freezes well, so it can be baked ahead to finish off just when needed. With a rich cocoa flavor, balanced with vanilla and malt, this cake is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

These tight-grained cakes hold their shape but maintain the rich moistness expected from a pudding cake. Decorating is a breeze! The firm crust exhibits little to no crumb even with the thickest of frostings.

Product Specifications:

Item # 6311150
U/M Bag
Case Pack 1/50# Bag
Net Weight 50 lbs.